Celebration of the graduation ceremony of the XXII Graduate School


Watch, be surprised,

Understand life.

Search, experience,

Rediscover lost.

Stumble to get up,

Make a mistake to come back again.

If you apologize,

Oh, and come on, dare.


On the 18th of July, the celebration of the graduation ceremony of the XXII high school graduation show was held in Kaunas Basilica of the Resurrection of Christ! Gymnastics, their parents, relatives and teachers were congratulated by Vytautas Grigaravičius, the dean of Kaunas Christ's Resurrection Basilica. This year, Danguolė Miškinienė, the headmaster of the gymnasium, presented her certificates of maturity to 130 graduates. 10 high school students received a certificate of gratitude signed by the city mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis for his excellent English exam, which was scored 100 points! We thank the English teachers of the gymnasium Nijolė Maria Tikuišienė, Jūra Žiaukienė, Audrone Masiulyte, Jūratė Zybartienė for their responsible and sincere work.
Congratulations to graduates, wishing them a way in their lives, and sharing XXII & #8211; Graduates of the Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium's Graduation Show at the moments of graduation ceremony: reference.

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