The Vizija ir vertybės | Kauno Jono Jablonskio gimnazija

The vision of the institution

An exclusive gymnasium that bases its activities on high educational standards, meaningful educational experiences and pedagogical leadership. It is a community in which each student's personal growth, the internationality of activities, awareness and respect for other cultures, responsible citizenship are important. It is a community that has abandoned its competitive closure, that is open to the sharing of experiences and that believes that by (self)education it is creating a better world.

The mission of the institution

The mission of the school is to provide learners with the safe environment and engaging learning conditions. The school provides both formal extensive, wide-ranging education for students of grades 9 to 12 as well as a variety of ways of learning informally in an attempt to raise a citizen of Lithuania with all-rounded education able to act within the changing society. The gymnasium offers basic education, secondary education, non-formal education and International Baccalaureate programs for Lithuanian and foreign citizens aged 14 to 19 and strives to educate people who would be able to think critically, be conscious and creative lifelong learners, who respect cultural diversity and are internationally-minded and who would responsibly create the future of their country and the world.

Gymnasium Values and Philosophy

Quality of education - high quality, diverse education, various abilities and inclinations
for students.

Tolerance - ability to live harmoniously in the community.

Citizenship - education of active citizen of the Republic of Lithuania.

Democracy - developing a student who can cope with difficulties.

The motto of the gymnasium

Improve by learning

Gymnasium Priorities

Quality of lessons

Ability to put theoretical knowledge into practice

Citizenship education

Utilization of IT in the educational process

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