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The concept of assessment of learning achievements and progress.

Approved General Education Documents - Description of Elementary, Basic and Secondary Education Programs (2015), Good School Concept (2015), as well as the General Education Programs (2008, 2011) set a clear direction for consolidating conceptions of learning outcomes and assessment. Primary, basic and secondary education curricula (2015) define educational outcomes as consistently acquired competences that indicate a person's spiritual, intellectual and physical maturity, which includes knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes. In short, the optimal maturity of the personality is the totality of the generic and subject competences acquired by the learner. Key competences integrate knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through individual subject learning, through various activities within and outside school, in non-formal education programs. In order to evaluate educational outcomes, it is important to measure the acquired knowledge and abilities, to assign them to the expected levels of achievement, but not least to assess the progress the learner has made compared to his or her initial achievement. Therefore, two main functions of assessment are distinguished: educational to support learning and timely feedback, and accountability to determine whether and how a student has learned what was intended. Therefore, assessment of student achievement and progress is defined, on the one hand, as aiding the student to succeed, learn, develop and mature as a person, and on the other, as criteria-based monitoring and feedback of learning and learning. to ensure the quality of teaching and learning. It is intended to help the learner to check his or her achievements and progress and to make decisions about further learning or activities. In order for both achievement assessment functions to be realized, teachers must combine various types and methods of assessment in the educational process.

Ways, types and methods for assessing student achievement and progress

Description of procedures for assessing pupils' progress and achievement


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