On October 1, JJG first grade students, class leaders and accompanying teachers went to a fellowship and collaboration camp


On October 1, JJG first-grade students, class leaders, and accompanying teachers went to a fellowship camp to test themselves, get to know each other, and work together on an Interactive Program on a Scouting Hike across the largest meteorite crater in Lithuania. During the march, JJG teams got acquainted with the Sukiniai mound, the source of Žuvintė, the Mokas stone and the former secret Soviet missile base. With the help of scouts, he managed a 15 km hike in nature based on scouting methods and values. During the march, gymnasts searched for crater diamonds, coded messages, searched for hidden treasures, and learned how to cook outdoors with scout instructors.
Thanks Scout Valley & #8211; Scout Valley to the organizers!
We share the moments of the JJG freshman march in Vepriai. Hip valio, & #8211; the scouts send us our best wishes, and we share our community and great memories!

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