The Socialinis pedagogas | Kauno Jono Jablonskio gimnazija

Gymnasium employs a social educator whose main purpose & #8211; child safety and well-being. The social pedagogue performs the following activities in the gymnasium:

Performs preventive work

& #8211; Provides individual counseling to students in difficulty
& #8211; Provides individual counseling to parents, educators and class leaders on student-related issues
& #8211; Attends classroom classes and assists students in conflict resolution
& #8211; Gives presentations and / or lectures to students, parents, educators
& #8211; Participates in the school's Child Welfare Commission
& #8211; Initiates prevention programs for students, participates in projects and programs with students

Organizes the provision of social services to the child

& #8211; Organizes free meals for students from low-income families in the gymnasium

Arrangement of free meals


& #8211; Organizes free shuttle to and from school for students living in Kaunas district

Order of carriage


Provides social education for students

& #8211; Prepares and runs the pupil socialization program "Let's be friendly"
& #8211; Lectures and educates students on prevention of psychoactive substances, early sexual intercourse and more

Performs informational work

& #8211; Introduces social pedagogue activities to school teachers, parents, students, founder
& #8211; Attends meetings of parents and educators and prepares presentations on topics of interest to them
& #8211; Organizes billboards according to the needs of the gymnasium community
& #8211; Initiates specialist lectures for teachers, parents and students based on their needs

Performs research work

& #8211; Investigates social needs and phenomena, presents them to the gymnasium community and makes recommendations

Gymnasium social educator

Inga Žumbienė

Social worker


The last few weeks have brought us many challenges. If you have any questions or are simply worried about your well-being, you are welcome to contact the gym's child support specialists. During the quarantine, emotional support is provided remotely to members of the gymnasium community by psychologist Diana Naikauskė and social educator Inga Žumbienė. Consultations may take place:

• View. Online video chat consulting.
• Voice. Telephone or voice consultation.
• Text. Answers to questions via email, e-mail diary.

Remote consultation must be arranged in advance with the following contacts:
Gymnasium social pedagogue Inga Žumbienė can be contacted on weekdays from 8:00 to 15:30. contacts:
Phone: 8-683-62140
El. by mail:
By sending a private message via system.

Gymnasium psychologist Diana Naikauske can be contacted on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:30. contacts:
Phone: 8-683-69840
El. by mail:
By sending a private message via system

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