Purpose of work for gymnastics psychologist & #8211; to take care of the mental health of the gymnasium community and to provide the necessary psychological education conditions.

Psychologist's activities

& #8211; Counseling students, their parents (guardians, caregivers), teachers on psychological, personality and educational issues
& #8211; Advises students on their career choices
& #8211; Educates the school community on child developmental psychology, pedagogical and social psychology
& #8211; Prepares individual recommendations for solving a pupil's psychological, personality and educational problems
& #8211; Assesses the pupil's powers and difficulties, peculiarities of development, psychological, personality and educational problems
& #8211; Conducts relevant psychological research at the school, taking into account the needs of the school community
& #8211; Collects and collects the information needed to solve the problems of the students being counseled
& #8211; Performs student activity and behavior monitoring in the classroom
& #8211; Collaborates with teachers, classroom educators, student support specialists, gymnastics administration to determine ways to achieve educational goals and objectives, and is a member of the School's Child Welfare Commission
& #8211; Liaises with various institutions providing psychological, social and legal assistance
& #8211; Organizes and implements preventive measures and programs.

When to Go to a Psychologist?

& #8211; when you feel lonely, misunderstood
& #8211; when you disagree with the people that matter to you
& #8211; when you lack self-confidence
& #8211; when you question the meaning of life, suicidal thoughts arise
& #8211; when experiencing serious shocks (accident, bereavement, violence, parental divorce)
& #8211; when you are very worried about something, you are afraid
& #8211; when you no longer want to learn
& #8211; when you want to know yourself more
& #8211; when you do not know which profession would suit you best
& #8211; when you have questions and no one to consult

High school psychologist

Diana Naikauskė

High school psychologist

+370 683 69840


Psychologist admission hours in Room 407

Week dayWorking hours
Monday9am - 2pm
Tuesday9am - 12pm
Wednesday10.30am - 3pm
Thursday9am - 2pm
Friday9am - 1:30 pm
12 noon - 12:30 pm lunch break

The STEP program

Dear parents of children aged 6-12!

• Would you like to understand your child better?
• Do you strive to develop his / her self-esteem and self-confidence?
• Are you constantly looking for humane but effective ways to discipline?
• Do you dream of maintaining a close, warm relationship with your child that will only grow stronger over the years?
• Would you like to encourage your child and yourself?

You are invited to the STEP classes, which will begin on March 5, 2019.

The STEP program is a group of 9 parent meetings that take place once a week. Each meeting lasts 2 hours. First group session on March 5, 2019 at 6 p.m. Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium (Aušros Str. 3, Kaunas). Classes will be led by psychologist Diana Naikauskė, Head of STEP Program. Hurry up for registration, limited number of parents in the group, free classes. Parents only need to purchase a STEP parent book and pay a one-time STEP entry fee (total € 17 per person or € 22 per couple).

To apply, please fill in the registration form (before March 1): http://bit.ly/2SEglh8

Classes help parents gain skills and confidence in their abilities to develop happy, healthy,
a self-confident, cooperative and responsible child.

For more information call 868670198 or email by email diana.naikauske@gmail.com
Information about STEP groups www.stepgrupes.lt

Feedback from parents who participated in our gymnasium program (2018):
“When I was in the group, I felt quite a few facing the upbringing and communication with the children
the difficulties in sharing my life situations with other members of the group I felt supported. ”
“The STEP program helped me see my children in a different way and learned what behavioral goals I had in my relationship with them
children have the importance of encouraging them, listening to them, inviting them to cooperate. ”
“The relationship has improved, we seem to understand each other more. Fewer anger attacks. All tested
ways worked. The child reveals himself more, speaks. "
“It's a very good experience, and I've got additional 'tools' that help me positively communicate with and with the kids
to educate. "
"Has provided a very positive experience, knowledge, new skills for communicating with children."
"It's not just about developing skills, it's about understanding children and finding ways to interact with them."
“Very good and useful experience. Correct methodology and advice to help with parenting and communication
in strengthening with the child. "



STEP - systematic development of effective parenting skills

We are delighted that in spring 2019 (March - May) Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium held STEP parenting skills training classes, which were attended and successfully completed by 10 parents. It is good to know that parents are concerned, caring and learning how to know their child better, how to maintain a deep and meaningful relationship, and how to nurture and develop an independent, self-confident, loving personality. We wish to continue to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and to experience pleasant moments with our children. We invite you to read the STEP feedback on the following activities:
I react to situations completely differently now, without any sense of despair, as I sometimes did again and again, without anger. Now, there are no insoluble things. Now I don't see any "problems at all"! Attending STEP has brought peace inside just about everything!
Participating in a STEP parenting group gave a new insight into how to handle one or another situation. I have learned that there are many ways to communicate with a child, to understand the reasons for one or another behavior.
I felt understood, heard, received support and encouragement (encouragement) that something could be changed.
I learned many useful things about parenting and communicating with a child. So far I have thought that only "bad" parents visit psychologists and groups. I realized that the opposite is true.
In fact, the courses were much more useful than I expected as all the information could be understood "through the prism of my family". Participation means staying on your feet and trusting in your decisions.
Experience is very good. Much learned, applied. It helps me a lot when dealing with my son. More generally, when a conflict arises, we are able to end it before it reaches its climax.
We came with a desire to hear that problems are being solved. No disappointment. Encouraged. He calmed down.
You are welcome to follow the information on the gym's website and join the new STEP parent group this fall! More information about the STEP program and groups: www.stepgrupes.lt.

The last few weeks have brought us many challenges. If you have any questions or are simply worried about your well-being, you are welcome to contact the gym's child support specialists. During the quarantine, emotional support is provided remotely to members of the gymnasium community by psychologist Diana Naikauskė and social educator Inga Žumbienė. Consultations may take place:

• View. Online video chat consulting.
• Voice. Telephone or voice consultation.
• Text. Answers to questions via email, e-mail diary.

Remote consultation must be arranged in advance with the following contacts:
Gymnasium social pedagogue Inga Žumbienė can be contacted on weekdays from 8:00 to 15:30. contacts:
Phone: 8-683-62140
El. by mail: soc.pedagogas@jablonskis.kaunas.lm.lt
By sending a private message via manodienynas.lt system.

Gymnasium psychologist Diana Naikauske can be contacted on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:30. contacts:
Phone: 8-683-69840
El. by mail: diana.naikauske@gmail.com
By sending a private message via manodienynas.lt system

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