The Projektas „Drąsinkime ateitį“ 2013m. | Kauno Jono Jablonskio gimnazija

Project "Let's Feel the Future" 2013


The project "Let's Feel the Future" continues. April 23 Class II D girls with class teacher visited Kaunas P.Mažylis Maternity Hospital. Professor Pranas Mažylis was a good educator and clinician. He wrote a whole series of scientific papers .1936. The new private women's hospital was opened in the 19th century and P.Mažylis was its founder.

In the maternity hospital, the girls had the opportunity to see the modernly reconstructed premises, the improved maternity conditions, and the Life Box. The gymnasts also interacted with my assistant physician, H. Indreliene, who has graduated from our gymnasium. Students were intrigued by various issues related to man's entry into this world. The doctor once again invited those planning to study medicine.

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