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Program options

Individual Education Plan 2020-2021 / 2021-2022 mm


We aim to adapt the organization of education so that not only students in grades 11-12 but also in grades 9-10 have a wider choice of subject programs and modules according to their needs, powers and inclinations. We are looking for ways to provide students with personalized assistance in choosing programs that match their level of achievement, and are more closely related to their future learning path and / or profession. This will allow students to identify their talents, strengths and build on them to achieve the highest possible results.

The gymnasium, taking into account the available conditions, tests the teaching of several subjects with compulsory and elective modules, and the intensification of teaching / learning. Grades 9-10 in Lithuanian, Mathematics, English and natural sciences (biology) general programs divided into modules.

The elective module programs correspond to the achievement levels, grades and needs of the 9th through 10th grade students, and will help to achieve better learning outcomes, choice of study path and / or future profession. In order to implement more flexible organization of the educational process, increase students' choice of study direction and develop their general and subject-specific competences, the project will develop and test general grades 11-12 in Lithuanian and English, mathematics, history and science (biology, chemistry, physics). programs divided into modules.

Optional module programs will meet the level, aptitudes and needs of students in grades 11-12, help achieve better learning outcomes, and choose pathways and / or future occupations.

Choice of learning methods

Curriculum development:
& #8211; the possibilities of differentiated and individualized learning of Lithuanian language, mathematics, geography, science for 9-10 grades students are increased and such teaching and learning is practically tested;
& #8211; increase choice of technology and arts teaching / learning opportunities for 9th-10th grade students by developing and testing integrated curricula and methodological recommendations for integrated technology courses and integrated arts education;
& #8211; increasing educational opportunities for students in grades 11-12 (3-4 gymnasium) by developing and testing modern labor market oriented technology and arts programs and physical education modules.

According to the description of “Widening the choice of study paths for students aged 14-19” approved by the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of 15.03.2008 Nr. ISAK - 715. Starting with the 2008-2009 school year, the Model offers the opportunity to choose some of the compulsory lessons according to their level of achievement, as well as the choice of programs, program modules.

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