1. In Lithuanian (Grades 9-10) digital medium: reference
2. Mathematical Literacy. The tool is designed to apply mathematical knowledge and interpret the results in different contexts: reference
3. Develop reading skills. Understand, reflect on, and use written texts to achieve your goals, to expand knowledge and opportunities, and to participate effectively in society: reference
4. Geography (Grades 9-10) Digital Facility: reference
5. History (Grades 9-10) Digital Facility: reference
6. Chemistry (Grades 9-10) Digital Instrument: reference
7. Science lessons include knowledge of basic research, an understanding of how science and technology shape our material, intellectual and cultural environment, and a desire and conscious commitment by citizens to engage in science-related activities and interest in science: reference
8. Technology (Grade 5-10) Electronics, Textiles, Design, Structural Materials: reference


Lithuanian Language and Literature (Grades 11-12) Digital medium: reference
Moral Education (Grades 11-12) Digital Facility: reference
Geography (Grades 11-12) Digital Facility: reference
History (Grades 11-12) Digital Facility: reference
Mathematics (Grades 11-12) Digital Facility: reference
Chemistry (Grades 11-12) Digital Facility: reference
Arts Education (Grades 11-12) Arts, Music, Dance, Theater: reference

Lists of software and recommended literature

1k list of software literature
1k a list of recommended books to read
2hrs list of software literature
2hrs a list of recommended books to read
References 3 gimn
4 references


Examination grade 11-12 reference (short presentations and instructions for use)
EMA Elementary and Basic Education reference
EDUKA Classes. Sign up and sign in reference
Digital educational tools reference
Open Digital Resource Kit in the Education Garden: reference
Lessons from Lithuanian history reference
English lessons reference
Various video lessons reference

9. TED Lessons: reference
10. Literature and History: reference
11. Treasure of Vyturys:
Digital books here: reference
Audio books here: reference
12. 78 Lithuanian audio books for free reference
13. Šiauliai State Drama Theater, free of charge viewing of performances. From now on, you can watch performances safely at home - online - on weekends. All information and updates daily on the theater FB account: reference
14. Performances of Kaunas National Drama Theater online reference
15. Other offers in e-space reference
16. Digitized resources of cultural heritage objects and works of art reference
17. Virtual Museums of Lithuania reference
18. MO Museum Initiative #menasnaMO: reference
19. Virtual Exhibitions of the Digital Museum Project reference
20. Virtual exhibitions in the Lithuanian Integrated Museum Information System: reference
21. Virtual Exhibitions of Martynas Mažvydas National Library: reference
22. Class of "Uncomfortable Cinema": reference
23. Film Spring Movies Online (and TV): reference
24. Movies Online: reference
25. LRT Media Library: reference reference reference

Important information for external students

Important information for external students


Attention graduates!

The order of competitive tendering and threshold requirements for entrants in 2019 were approved. Read about it on the lamabpo page:

Provision of learning support

Pupils in grades I-IV (9-12) who have learning difficulties are given short-term and long-term counseling.

Pupil Improvement Plan 2018-2019


Description of the procedure for providing educational assistance to a student


Consultation schedule 2019-2020 mm

Asta SaulienėHistory of, 115 14.55 - 15.40
Dalia SudarieneIn Lithuanian, 40314.00 - 14.45
Nijolė SvitojienėChemistry, 315 14.55 - 15.40
Violeta ObelieniuteMathematics, 11314.55 - 15.40
Nijole MoliejieneBiology, 32714.55 - 15.40
Jurate BlažienėPhysics, 31914.55 - 15.40

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