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The Teachers' Council is a self-governing institution of the gymnasium for solving professional and general issues of education of teachers. The teachers' council is made up of the headmaster, the deputies, all the teachers working in the gymnasium, the psychologist, the social educator and other employees involved in the education process.

Functions of the Teaching Council

& #8211; To discuss practical issues of implementation of education reform in gymnasium, to consider pupils' educational results and ways of improving pedagogical activity;

& #8211; Make decisions about the program of activities of the gymnasium, discuss plans for profile education, issues of implementation of general programs and achievement of state education standards, etc.

& #8211; To discuss the principles of organizing the education of pupils with different abilities, their curricula, methods, to analyze the pupils' workloads, the causes of failure;

& #8211; Discuss the needs and opportunities for teacher training;

& #8211; Together with a social educator and psychologist, students discuss health, social support, learning, recreation, nutrition and more. questions.

& #8211; To elect teachers to the gymnasium council, to the certification commission.

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