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On March 4, pupils of the Gymnasium organized the Kaziukas Fair

On March 4, pupils of the Gymnasium organized the Kaziukas Fair. Gymnasts were waiting for buyers at their stands during breaks. In the hallways, teachers and students sailed to stalls where they could buy student-made treats, MMB-made goods, and handmade trivia. In the corridors there was Lithuanian music. We started modestly this year, but we are going to continue this tradition and look forward to even more sales next year.

St. Valentine's Day at Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium

St. Valentine's Day at Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium was filled with love rhythm. Pupils came to school dressed in red or pink accents. The third floor turned into an alley of love: balloons adorned the lobby, gymnasts could buy delicious pastries, take a photo at a love wall, or fill an anchor to find a soul mate. There were also QR codes hidden on different floors of the school, followed by 'hide' prizes. St. Valentine's Day, celebrated every year, brought the school community together again.

Greeting with February 16th

MP talks with Jon Nain

The Pupils' Parliament is continuing its second year of "JJG Other Conversations". On February 13, Jonas Nainys, the creator of electronic music, visited the school. The entrepreneur, the broadcast fan shared his success story, appreciated the works created by the gymnasts, answered the audience questions, and gave the most active tickets to the concert. The sincere interview with John motivated me not to drop my hands and reach the set goals even in the most difficult situations. The disciples, who knew the true John, were impressed with the openness of the famous guest, and his sincere advice will help to refine their creative ideas!

Valentine's Day

On February 14, a feeling of love flowed in the hallways of the gymnasium. The angels wore secret fan letters with sighs of love and heart-shaped biscuits!

Christmas mail

Throughout December, pupils' MPs urged gymnasts to greet their friends and friends with the upcoming St. At Christmas, writing postcards to them, sending presents through JJG's Christmas Mail, all of which could be found at the 1st and 2nd floor Christmas trees. On the last Friday of the month, parliamentarians handed out a bunch of congratulations and cheered on the gymnasium's own home-made Christmas cupcakes.


This is the harshest day of the school year when the school turns into the scary movie scene and the dreadest movie characters come to life.

First floor:
1. "The Coarse Box" - Only the bravest will dare to look inside.
2. Do you think you are a horror movie expert? Challenge yourself by guessing the horror movie from its excerpt.
3. “Pumpkin Bowling”
4. "Who will put the skeleton faster?"
5. Photo Wall & #8211; prizes for the most original costumes!
(Take a photo of your costume on the event wall on Friday!)
(Game winners awards!)
Scrabble maze. You will have to rely on your own instincts and step into the dark where your deepest fears are.
Lesson 7:
Ninth grade movie presentations and a winning class award!

With Teacher's Day!

For that smile like the sun,
For good eyes,
Behind the door to the wide world.
For that warm, warm word spoken from the heart.
Teachers 'Day congratulates the students of the Gymnasium's Pupils' Parliament!

You are welcome to join

We believe in being active, energetic, smart and communicative! Gymnasium STUDENTS PARLIAMENT invites YOU to join the team! Motivational interviews with MP contenders will take place next week during long breaks in the Hall of Acts. Sign up to chat! Good luck!

Registration reference.

Parliamentary activities

The students at Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium not only learn a lot, but also have a great involvement in self-government activities. The gymnasium has active student self-government - the Pupils' Parliament. Pupils' Parliament organizes events, festivals, charity and self-management activities inside and outside the school, cooperates with other schools and participates in various projects. In addition, pupil self-government maintains contact with the heads of the gymnasium and the institutions that govern pupil self-government, and solves problems related to pupils. Pupils' parliamentarians inform the pupils of the decisions made at the meeting and set an example of the behavior to be pursued by other pupils.

Modern uniform

Focusing on their youthful energy, MPs set up a JJG Parliament student company that sells a new school uniform - sweaters from Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium! The sweater design was created by Simona Dailidonytė, a graduate of the gymnasium. We are extremely grateful to her and Giedrius Jonaitis, whose design already excels on more than 100 Jabonskins sweaters.

Moments from events organized by the JJG Parliament

Night at school

Halloween celebration

Health Day

"What does freedom mean to you?"

The Christmas period

Greeting to teachers

Gymnasium Day

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