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Dear graduates, we offer access to LAMA BPO information for 2020. general admission to vocational training institutions

General enrollment in vocational training institutions in 2020
Options for vocational training programs

Dear graduates, we offer access to LAMA BPO information for 2020. general admission to Lithuanian higher education institutions

LAMA BPO presentation
Instructions for applying for BPIS undergraduate and integrated studies

OK career lessons online

Dear gymnasts, we are sharing our OK CAREER online career development lessons.
The lessons take place through Skype login. Length of lesson: 1.5 hours, consisting of: 45 minutes. theoretical + practical parts and up to 30 min. Q&A session.
More information and registration form: reference

Career education, student advice


Careers include:
 the path that starts when you are in school;
 continuous improvement;
 Success and positive appreciation of the chosen activity from the point of view of the individual and society;
 Persistent pursuit of life goals.

Career Is a job that is fun to work with and a successful career is an opportunity to use your skills and enjoy the results. Careers provide individuals with the opportunity not only to express themselves, but also to respect themselves, to have a certain social status and to provide them with a livelihood.
Career Planning Knowledge:

choice of profession;
choice of learning path;
job search.

Where to find the information you need?
 Career education information website for students.
 National Examination Center. Arrangements and Examples for Maturity Examinations.
 Open Information, Counseling and Guidance System (AIKOS). Information on occupations, qualifications, vocational and higher education, training and study programs.
 Ministry of Education and Science. Information on enrollment in higher education institutions.
 Procedure of general admission of Lithuanian higher education institutions, competitive score calculator.
 Competitive Score Calculator
 Study Quality Assessment Center. Evaluation of Lithuanian higher education institutions' study programs, accreditation.
 State Fund for Studies. Information on social scholarships, soft loans and special benefits for students with disabilities.
 All Lithuanian educational institutions, curricula, laws, useful articles.
 Lithuanian Labor Exchange. Labor market situation, forecasts of demand for professions, employment opportunities.
 Lithuanian Classification of Occupations.
 Career guidance in Lithuania and Europe. Career tests.
 Learning opportunities in European countries.
 Information on occupations, studies, careers, volunteering.

Career tests

Profession choice test.
Profession choice test by Ohn L. Holland.
Individuality test.
Learning style test.
Personality test.

Distance learning courses
MOOC - Massive Open Online Course offered by world universities.
Free distance learning initiatives in foreign languages.
Distance learning courses on different topics for self-development.

Opportunities for volunteering
Volunteering Suggestions, Volunteer Database.
Volunteering programs in Lithuania and abroad.
Youth International Cooperation Agency.

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