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Let's remember the history of Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium


1930 September 8 In 1931, an act was signed on the construction of a primary school for working-class children. September 1 the first school year began. October 9, the same year. The school was given the name of Jonas Jablonskis by the order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lithuania.

4th decade. The first photo of the gymnasium

4th decade. Principal and Teacher J. Miller with 6th Boys Chapter. The President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus was also in this department

1946 – 1957

During the war, when the Germans occupied Kaunas, a military hospital was installed in the school premises. Only in 1946. The school is renamed the 10th Primary School, which in 1951 reorganized into the 1970s, and in 1957. to the 23rd high school.

5th decade. After the war, willows planted, which unfortunately no longer exist

1958 – 1965

1958 In 1961 the name of Jonas Jablonskis was returned to the school. the first graduate program is released. 1963 the school introduces enhanced polytechnic training, more senior classes are provided, and other facilities are provided for primary school students. 1965 - The first annexe with 15 classrooms emerges. In the same year, polytechnic training was abandoned and enhanced English teaching was introduced. Elementary students return to their school.

1965 the first extension of the school emerges

1977 – 1992

In 1977 another extension extends to include a gym, dining room, 12 classrooms. Since 1992 students are not admitted to first grade.

1977 another building with a gym and canteen grows

1994 – 1998

1994 September 1 the first 3 gymnasium classes were opened. Jonas Jablonskis Secondary School seeks gymnasium status. 1997 September 1 A college of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania has granted the school the status of a humanitarian profile gymnasium. 1998 June 2 granted the status of a real profile gymnasium.

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He studied at Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium:

President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus

Members of the Seimas: Kazys Bobelis, Mindaugas Končius, Regimantas Čiupaila

Independence Act signatory Jonas Tamulis

Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Greece Vidmantas Pavilionis

Dainius Kamaitis, Attorney-General of the Republic of Lithuania in Japan

Consul General of Lithuania in Chicago Marijus Gudynas

Poetess Violeta Palčinskaitė

Writer Vytautas Machuika

Writer Anita Kapočiūtė (Kapačiauskaitė)

Professor Vytautas Ostaševičius

The composer Giedrius Kuprevičius

Gymnasium traditions

Each gymnasium has its own customs and traditions. Our gymnasium is no exception. Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium has folk traditions: Advent evenings, Christmas fairs and exhibitions. Concerts and meetings with celebrities are organized. The gymnasium is constantly trying to stimulate students' interest in the culture, customs and traditions of the nation. Therefore, every year, the school runs various projects to cultivate respect for and love for the nation's traditions.

The gymnasium celebrates celebrations and ongoing events

Celebration of the beginning of the school year

European Day of Languages

Teacher's Day

Christmas and New Year events

One Hundred

Open door days

Europe Day

Sports and fitness celebrations

Celebration of the Last Call

Graduate graduates

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