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Gymnasium Council & #8211; the highest self-governing body of the gymnasium, representing the pupils and their parents (guardians, guardians) and teachers, uniting the gymnasium community in the pursuit of common educational and educational goals. The gymnasium follows the regulations approved by the gymnasium council.

Functions of the Gymnasium Council

& #8211; Determines the outlook of the gymnasium activities, main directions of work;

& #8211; Approve the activity program, by-laws of the gymnasium, internal rules of procedure, curriculum, procedure of organization of education;

& #8211; Discuss suggestions for ordering textbooks, selecting a pupil assessment system, additional activities and organizing events;

& #8211; On the recommendation of the Teachers' Council, resolves the issues of expulsion of pupils from the gymnasium;

& #8211; Initiates cooperation between local community, family and gymnasium;

& #8211; It considers the estimates of income and expenses of the gymnasium, plans and controls the distribution of funds, supervises the financial condition of the gymnasium.

& #8211; Appoints parents 'representatives to the Teachers' Certification Commission and delegates his or her representative as an observer to the Board of Directors of the Open Competition for the post of Principal.

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