Gymnasium Honor 2016


Achievements in the debate

Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium Debate Club team returned from the National Debate Academy Summer Tournament in Druskininkai with excellent results: first team place, all 3 orators & #8211; top ten speakers, first and third best orator titles. Vytenė Sorokaitė became the first orator, and Ugnė Pilkionytė the third. The tournament was really tough as all the rounds had to be prepared impromptuly, in 45 minutes, with no additional resources.

Vytene and Ugne, who won the national team selection last fall, among other top Lithuanian debaters, this summer, July 19-29, participated in the prestigious World Student Debate Championship in Stuttgart. In addition, the excellent results of this National Debate Academy tournament gave both of them a chance to represent Lithuania at a meeting with 15 foreign partners on the international Threats to Democracy and Human Rights project on August 19-22.

Another win for last year's debaters & #8211; I place in Kaunas city in the anti-corruption debate with: Teresa Jokimaitė (2b), Matas Brinkis (3b), Santa Minkštimaitė (1b)

Gabrielle Velta Mickeviciute

Kangaroo Gold Diploma in Lithuanian, 3rd place for students' legal education competition.

Gintarė Slauzgalvytė

English language Olympiad 2nd place in Kaunas

Neringa Hoppen

German Republican German Language Competition German for Curious Targets 2nd place

Laura Sakalauskaitė

Translation competition (in Russian) "Glance" 1st place (February 2016)

Greta Krylovaitė

IT competition Symbolis 3rd place in Kaunas

Jolanta Janulaitytė

Biology Olympiad 1st place in Kaunas

Patricija Pauhaitė

Student Legal Education Competition 3rd place

Skirmantas Chereshka

Winner of KTU Faculty of Informatics competition “House of Informer” II place

Matt Brinky

Physics Olympiad 2nd place in Kaunas

Dainius Rutkauskas

1 place winner of 11 international accordionists competition ASCOLTATE

Darius Kurtinaitis

Kaunas Region Dr. Juozas Petras Kazickas Programming Contest & #8211; III place, Kaunas city stage of the 27th Lithuanian Students' Olympiad in Informatics & #8211; 2nd place, Republican 27th Lithuanian Students' Informatics Olympiad & #8211; Letter of recommendation.

Simona Dailidonytė

For computer graphics work: design of sweater design for gymnasium; poster design for gymnasium and city events, campaigns; competitor, Vice-Chair of the Education and Science Committee of the Lithuanian Pupils' Parliament, for Excellence in Learning (two nines and all ten).

David Kizala

Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 4th place, Nestle Cup Torun 4th place, World Junior Championship

Dominyka Bulotaitė

Lithuanian Juniors Team Competition 1998 2nd place, Lithuanian Junior Competition 1998 3rd place

Rock Markovich

1st place in Baltic Rifle Junior Bullet Shooting Competition

Nikita Tereshchenko

National Competition “Creative Photography. Winner of the Portrait Award for the Style Award at the Photo Contest, Discover the Scriptures, Living Paintings 2016, and for the name of the school on the press and television

Urtė Čaplikaitė (Orienteering Sport)

Lithuanian Orienteering Championship (Middle Course), 6th place. Oriens Summer in Gražutė, 2nd place. Kaunas championship, middle course, 2nd place.

Marija Ieškaitė (volleyball)

Lithuanian Championship, 1st place. Junior Championship, 2nd place. Lithuanian Junior Championship, 2nd place. Lithuanian women's championship, 1st place. International Championship in Poland, 2nd place. International Championship in Tallinn, 1st place. Baltic Championship, 2nd place.

Greta Plečkaittė (Athletics)

3rd place in Lithuanian Athletics Championships, 100m track.

Dalia Jievaltaitė (karate)

Lithuanian kyokushin karate championship, 1st place.

3 place winners of Lithuanian school games in the presidency

2016 Lithuanian School Games 3 Year Winners Orienteering: Stanislovaitis Vytautas 3c, Zaschurinskas Paulius 3d, Augustinas Matas 3d, Grauželis Adomas 2a, Head Irina Misiūnienė

Martynas Pabalys

2016 Lithuanian adult jumping water champion

Mantas Milevski

Lithuanian bodybuilding 25 cup competition for boys under 18 m 3 place

In the evening, Aksomaitytė

European karate vice champion

Simas Steponaitis

Lithuanian Junior Sports Games Champion

Arnas Radzevicius

Lithuanian School Games Snowboard Slalom 3rd Place, Team 1st Place

Algirdas Švabas and Gailė Narauskaitė

Lithuanian School Games downhill slalom 3rd place, snowboard slalom 3rd place

Januškevičius Mantas

Jurbarkas Junior Games 1st place, MTB Lithuanian Youth and Children's Championship 1st place.

Akvilė Bartkevičiūtė

Member of Lithuanian orienteering team, participant of the 2016 World Junior Championships in Switzerland, Lithuanian Championship in relay (2 vol.), Lithuanian championship in sprint (3 vol.), Lithuanian championship in long distance (3 vol.), Lithuanian championship in middle (5 vol.) see)

Silvester Samuolis

Race for Self-propelled Car Race # 2 (October 2015)

Klaudija Serkevičiūtė

Lithuanian women's league champion LMKL, Aquila women's league champion and most valuable player, Lithuanian school leagues champion MKL

Amber Marcinkus

2016 Baltic Champion in OSY-400 class, 2016 Lithuanian Champion in OSY-400 class

Daumantas Eivseičikas

 Jurgita Sinkevičiūtė (dance)

Goda Urbonaitė

Gustė Abromavičiūtė

Miglė Liutkevičiūtė

Ugnė Grėbliūnaitė

Viktorija Petkevičiūtė

Greta Belevičiūtė

Kamilė Medeckytė

Otilija Ruseckaitė

Vita Dvarionaitė

Žygintas Narkus

Aistė Baltusytė

Aistė Dabkutė

Aušrinė Jokubauskaitė

Beatričė Vaičekauskaitė

Brigita Patašiūtė

Eglė Pečkytė

Mother Buzaite

Emilė Čironytė

Erik Bakhensky

Gabija Grigaitytė

Gabija Karsokaitė

Gerda Šimukauskaitė

Gunda Pavilionytė

Guoda Gudinaviciute

Gustė Lakomkinaitė

Ieva Jaskovikaitė

Ieva Morkūnaitė

Justė Staikūnaitė

Justina Jarukaityte

Kamilė Ivanauskaitė

Claudia Sparrow

Marija Vaitkevičiūtė

Paula Gavelytė

Rūta Gudelytė


Simas Gudelevičius

Teresa Jokimaitė

Ugnė Brazytė

Ugnė Masilionytė

Evening Baltauskaitė

Viktoria Linkis


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