Honor of the Year and Progress of the Year Awards


The spring of our gymnasium is crowned every year with a wonderful celebration "Honor of the Year", during which we award the best student, the most advanced gymnasium student and the teacher who led the gymnasium forward with his ideas and work.
I am glad that the number of nominated high school students is growing every year and the commission has to work until it selects the best and it is a job that fills my heart with pride.
I thank the best of this year for their efforts, dedication and passion for working, learning, moving forward and following others, ignited by the belief that achievement, progress and the ability to build and inspire the entire community in the gymnasium does not go unnoticed but is named and cherished.
Thank you to each member of Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis gymnasium community for growing and nurturing the honor of the gymnasium.

Director of Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium Danguolė Miškinienė

This page was last updated on 27/05/2020