The 2020/21 m.m. gimnazijos klasių modeliai | Kauno Jono Jablonskio gimnazija

Entrepreneurship class

- Weekly lectures at Vytautas Magnus University.
- Entrepreneurship competitions and summer camps: Junior Achievement, Bonus lt-lv, Verslus Technorama.
- Establishment of MMB, participation in the activities of training companies.
- Participation in international entrepreneurship conferences and seminars.

Creative Industries Class

- Creative education and visual communication lessons.
- Modeling theory and practice, research and their application.
- Integrated training in economics, technology, communication, culture and the arts.

Academic class

- Development of academic knowledge and public speaking skills
- Integration of academic and media literacy.
- Activities in the Society of Young Scientists.
- Basics of journalism.

German studies class

- German language lessons for advanced and beginners, possibility to change Russian, French to German.
- Possibility to prepare for international German language exams.
- Goethes Institute project CLILIG @ LITAUEN for teachers and students: integrated subject and German lessons, integrated German and subject module.
- International partnership activities with February 16 and CJT gymnasiums in Germany.

Bilingual class

- Education is organized according to the national program.
- Subjects - chemistry, biology, mathematics, history, geography, ethics - are taught in English.
- Coherence of Lithuanian and English language curricula.
- Advanced knowledge of English will help you prepare for the entrance exam to the TB Diploma Program.

International baccalaureate MYP class

- Education is organized according to the international baccalaureate program, the main subjects are taught in English.
- 5 areas of cognition: attitudes towards learning, social support, human ingenuity, environment, health and social education.
- Personal and community projects.
- Effective preparation for study in the TB diploma program.

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