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We sincerely thank you for taking advantage of the 2 percent. With the possibility of GPM support, in 2019 (for 2018) you allocated 5154.68 euros to the gymnasium. This money is used to support students (50% of the total) in going to Olympics, competitions, championships, paying the entry fee or transportation costs. Part of the expenditure (20%) is spent on student awards for various achievements, making the school's name known and making progress. Other funds (30%) are allocated for the promotion of the name of the school, funding for activities related to the improvement of educational environments. Decisions on the use of support funds are made by the Gymnasium Council.

I give a short 2 percent. report on the use of funds, you can apply to the Gymnasium Council for a detailed report.

Yesterday No.Product / serviceAmount
1.Items are for employee promotion195,24
2.The services are aimed at non-formal education activities for pupils2041,04
3.Goods are for representation332,1
4.The goods and services are intended for events organized by pupils' parliament or teachers2455,33
Total 5023,71

Encourage your acquaintances, friends, relatives to become supporters. We believe that they will decide to give their support to the historic Kaunas Gymnasium, the gymnasium where your child is studying, thus contributing to the students' support and motivation to seek more and better educational conditions.

You will be a great help to your child’s school if you allocate 1.2 percent of GPM in 2020 (support for 2019). This financial support is a great boost to the gymnasium community.

Danguolė Miškinienė, Director of the Gymnasium

1.2 percent support for the gymnasium

The declaration of personal income begins on April 22, when the Tax Inspectorate prepares preliminary Annual income declarations (form GPM308), which you will submit to the STI after reviewing and, if necessary, supplementing.
Residents required to file an annual income declaration, but such declarations by July 1. applications for assistance not addressed.
If you decide to support our school, you must complete version 3 of Form FR0512 of the Income Tax Request to Beneficiaries and / or Political Parties and 2020 July 1. and submit it to the State Tax Inspectorate.

Details for 1.2% support:

Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium
Aušros g. 3, Kaunas
Beneficiary identification number (code): 191825091

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